Ground-breaking and exemplary Garden Village proposal to create a living and working community

Fairoaks Garden Village will help deliver the Government’s agenda for sustainable communities and new homes for people currently unable to rent or buy in the expensive south east.

Proposals for Fairoaks Garden Village, a ground-breaking and exemplary Garden Village development has been submitted to Surrey Heath Borough Council, and Runnymede Council following extensive local public consultation.

The proposals, by Fairoaks Garden Village Limited, will provide 1,000 new homes, over 1,200 additional jobs and a range of community facilities in an attractive landscape setting and will help this part of Surrey meet its required housing numbers and take some pressure off surrounding villages and towns to accommodate the rising demand for homes.

The Garden Village plans have three key features:

·       The Garden Village will provide the full range of homes to suit all economic circumstances, including local people currently unable to rent or buy a home in the area. There will be a full range of types and tenures of homes, with no affordability gaps, creating a mixed and balanced community. Homes will be available for first time buyers, young families, older people - for shared ownership, for rent, for sale, for independent living and for self-build.

·       The Garden Village will be a working community with a range of commercial and business premises providing over 1,200 additional jobs. Local manufacturer Harvey Water Softeners is the first business to announce plans to relocate to the proposed Garden Village.  Located in Woking since the 1970s the company is a local success story providing employment to upwards of 250 people.  The relocation from Old Woking to Fairoaks Garden Village will enable the existing staff to keep their positions, with the expansion resulting in 150 additional local jobs.

·       The Garden Village will include all the necessary infrastructure, including a new primary school, to help the community develop and grow. A key feature of the Garden Village will be the setting up of a Community Trust to manage and maintain community assets and infrastructure, including opportunities for community ownership.

Fairoaks Garden Village Limited has undertaken extensive local public consultation in 2017 and 2018 and the key features of the plans which have been revised to take on board comments from the public, include:

·       The number of proposed homes has been reduced from 1,500 to 1,000 resulting in a much lower density.

·       New employment premises for local businesses will be provided and existing jobs will be safeguarded. Over 1,200 additional jobs will be created and safeguarded in total. A wide range of diverse jobs will be provided.

·       Over 130 acres of SANG land (Suitable Alternative Natural Green land) and 54 acres of open space will be provided

·       Retained and enhanced existing ecological habitats, including the creation of a ‘super SANG’ green network, will be included to offer improved nature conservation and biodiversity.

·       A new link road and cycle route between Chertsey Road and Guildford Road.

·       Improvements to footpaths and bridleways and the potential provision of a bus service, enhancing connectivity between neighbouring communities.

·       On-site car clubs, potential restrictions on private car use, and electric car technology, all helping to minimise traffic and pollution.

·       Incorporation of grey water recycling and other water reduction/capture methods to minimise water consumption and wastage.

·       The new homes will be built with high levels of sustainability and the development includes an energy centre.


The Government called on local authorities to submit sites for potential garden villages in March 2016. Surrey Heath Borough Council, supported by the owners of Fairoaks, submitted an expression of interest in July 2016.  Fairoaks was not included in this round of garden village applicants. However, the plans continue to be designed in line with garden village principles.

Ian Cox, Managing Director, Fairoaks Garden Village Limited, said:

“Fairoaks Garden Village will help deliver the Government’s agenda for sustainable communities and new homes for people currently unable to rent or buy in the expensive south east”

“Fairoaks has been planned as a well-connected, mixed and balanced village community that will protect and create 1,000 jobs across a variety of employment types; provide 1,000 homes to suit different needs and incomes, offer the opportunity for local governance, deliver a new primary school, all set within a rich green landscape.”

“Fairoaks Garden Village is capable of delivering the infrastructure and community facilities that might not be available with multiple smaller schemes across the area, such as a school, shops and employment spaces, alongside much-needed homes meeting a variety of local needs. Our proposals will also include improvements to the local transport network, an issue we recognise is critical to the local community.”

Harvey Bowden, founder of Harvey Water Softeners and inventor of the twin cylinder Harvey Water Softener, said:

“We are bursting at the seams in our Old Woking factory so are absolutely delighted with this local opportunity for a brand new state-of-the-art facility at Fairoaks Garden Village.  We also like the idea of staff living nearby in the village as we find this arrangement has worked well in the past”