Fairoaks Garden Village Ltd will provide a range of high quality housing, new business space, community facilities and a significant area of recreational green space.

The vision

Like a traditional English village, the new community at Fairoaks Garden Village won’t just be about houses. Fairoaks Airport is already home to over 60 businesses covering industries from right across the board – not just aviation. We hope that these businesses will choose to stay on in brand new accommodation fit for the 21st century.

  • A well-connected and enterprising 21st century village
  • Protect and create over 1,000 jobs across a variety of employment
  • Provide a wide range of homes to suit different needs and incomes
  • Offer the opportunity for local governance
  • Deliver a new primary school and innovative healthcare services
  • All set within a rich green landscape
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Our principles

Our guiding principles ensure we create a sustainable community, with true village character that offers employment opportunities and sustainable transport options, in surroundings that both complement and enhance Fairoaks natural landscape.

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Listening to the community

Last year the Fairoaks Garden Village team facilitated a Community Planning Weekend to create a vision. Since then, the team has been assessing the comments, undertaking further technical studies and developing the proposals in consultation with key stakeholders.

Our latest proposals are:

  • A new link road and cycle route between Chertsey Road and Guildford Road
  • Innovative sustainable transport
  • Number of homes reduced to 1,000 with additional land incorporated, resulting in much lower densities
  • Fairoaks community trust created to manage open space and run community facilities
  • Increased green space to reflect a garden village character
  • Over 1,000 jobs protected and created, with increased employment land proposed
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